Aim and Objectives


To advance understanding of how migration shapes our world and is shaped by broader development processes. To provide knowledge-based foundation and framework for understanding, management and governance of migration in our nation and world.


The objectives of the Centre shall be among others to:

  • Promote and coordinate activities that will create awareness about issues of migration as they affect the people and the nation;

  • Build capacity through short-term training programmes in specific areas of migration;

  • Promote research activities on migration related issues from a multi-disciplinary and comparative scholarship approach;

  • Promote research and awareness on the issues of forced migration and internal displacement of persons;

  • Host visiting scholars of migration;

  • Inform and advise on the formulation, implementation and monitoringof national policies on migration;

  • Collaborate with relevant institutions, ministries, departments and agencies and organizations and individuals working on migration and related issues;

  • Produce independent evidence-based reports with concrete recommendations to improve immigration, refugee protection and integration systems, policies and laws;

  • Educate the Nigerian public on the evolving dynamics of migration;

  • Convene consultations, dialogues of diverse groups in order to meet migration-related challenges in a sustained way.