Centre’s active participation in Nation building

We want to quickly take you back to show you what we have been into for a while and how we are contributing to the fight against irregular migration.

Sensitization and Advocacy

The Centre took off in 2018 with a sensitization event on the “Dangers of Irregular Migration”. The plans are to continue and expand the scope and reach of the sensitization in 2019 by collaborating with more organizations and by taking it to the schools and other public places where most of the prospective migrants are located. The report of this event can be downloaded here.

Policy Review

As member of the National Coordinating Committee on Review of the Migration Profile of Nigeria, the Centre shall participate in the 2019 Review of the Migration Profile of Nigeria;

Symposia and Conferences

As a member of the Research Team on “Boosting African Immigrant Families’ Resilience” the Centre shall participate in a Symposium at the University of Alberta (UoA), 16th – 19th May, 2019;

The Centre plans to hold a Symposium in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Development, Nnamdi Azikiwe University on the theme of “Migration and Actualization of the Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria” mid-year and an international Conference in partnership with the Pan African Collaboration for Excellence (PACE), University of Alberta, Canada in the month of December, 2019

You can also read our full profile here.